EPE News is an independent source based in Sydney Australia. EPE News was founded in 2014 and progressed from a weekly traditional print paper to a website that is updated daily. Our publication is a real-time news and information portal reaching nearly half a million visitors per month.

The majority of our news is provided by our local team of staff. Other news is provided by news agencies and freelancers.

All of our contributors are members of the Society of Professional Journalists. Several of our authors have been honored by the Sydney Press Associations for their outstanding work.

Contributors to our site are all members of MEAA.

If you need to contact a news editor from EPE News, you can find a list of email addresses on our contact page.

Our Organisation:

EPE News is owned by NAT LLC.

NAT LLC Limited offers a wide range of media services and products, from high-end print publications to the latest in digital media.

In the journalism arena, NAT LLC produces roughly 5,000 hours of news each month and 70,000 hours a year across NAT LLC’s 22 owned or operated properties.

Delivering hyper-local and relevant news to audiences, NAT LLC serves communities and the modern-day demands of audiences by providing the best in modem and engaging content.