Paris Woman Accused of Stealing Hundreds Of Toys

According to authorities, the 72-year-old woman had dolls, carts, balloons and other items in her apartment for the equivalent of 144 million pesos. She confessed that he did it for “idle”.

In the world of crime, there are always surprises. However, the authorities in France made public a case without antecedents in that country that has gone around the world. It is a 72-year-old woman accused of having made 700 robberies in toy stores.

Her arrest was possible after the complaint filed by the head of a wooden toy store in the French capital, who had recognized 18 stolen toys from his store on a website, in which they sold a private.

The researchers identified a woman who lived in the same district of Paris where the toy store is located, the seventeenth. The old woman had posted 957 ads since June, mainly to sell toys she described as new and with the original packaging.

The woman, who was arrested on Monday, acknowledged being the author of the theft of items she sold on the internet and that she did it “out of idleness,” according to the statement from the police prefecture.

During the registration of their apartment, the researchers found more than 1,000 items and 40,000 euros, around 144 million Colombian pesos.